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Jamaica is a tropical island state in the Caribbean and a holiday paradise with lush palm forests and diverse cultures. It is not only the picturesque beaches, the turquoise sea and beautiful sunsets that make Jamaica so unique, but it is also known for the reggae legend Bob Marley who spread the message of love, peace and freedom in the world.

We have put together a list of Jamaica’s top attractions for you.


1. Capital Kingston


If you want to learn about Jamaica’s history you should not miss out on a visit to the capital Kingston where you will find lots of well preserved colonial constructions from the 18th century as well as the national museum.

For a shopping tour, we recommend the historical Old Town with its checkered roads where varied shopping facilities can be encountered. The numerous arts and crafts markets are especially popular. Besides, there is a great deal of galleries and museums including the Bob Marley Museum that are worth a visit.

The former sugarcane plantations in the surroundings of Kingston are also a must. You will get an insight into the life conditions of former slaves that were brought from Africa by the Spanish people.

For lots of people however, the main attraction is the big natural harbor which is of great economic importance for Jamaica.


2. Montego Bay


Montego Bay has a population of 10.000 and is the second largest city in Jamaica. It is also called “MoBay” by native people and is known as the diver’s paradise and tourist center of the island. The city also has a long history.

An extraordinary mixture of modern buildings and simple, poor cottages following the taste of the 15th century attract people to the city center. A visit to The Cage should also be included in your plan. It is a building constructed in times of slavery which served as a dungeon for runaway slaves. The James Parish Church constructed in the late Georgian style is also very impressive and known to be the most beautiful church on the whole island.


3. Dunn's River Falls


These famous waterfalls are situated about 105km east of Montego Bay and are considered Jamaica’s most popular attraction.

They tumble down in a series of cascades from a height of almost 200m over several limestone tiers, offering breathtaking scenery which cannot be seen in any other parts of the world. You can walk to the waterfalls but it is strongly recommended that you wear none-slip shoes and bathing clothes because you should not miss the opportunity to go swimming – it will get you an unforgettable experience.


4. Martha Brae River


If you want to relax and explore at the same time, a river ride on the Martha Brae River is the best way. The river will lead you through a fascinating landscape 37km east of Montego Bay. Especially for couples, the 90min-ride on a bamboo raft conducted by a helmsman and his bamboo stick will guarantee romantic moments for two.


5. Rose Hall Great House


The Rose Hall Great House is located about 15km east of Montego Bay and is known to be the most beautiful and popular Great House of the island. It was constructed around 1779 and bought by the American millionaire John Rollins by the end of the 60s who restored it to the original state. Special attention is drawn towards the historical furnishings, the staircase carved from tropical wood and the impressive main portal as well as the great dance hall decorated with precious silk wall papers in French style.

The huge terraces offer the visitors a fantastic view of the Caribbean coastal landscape and the turquoise sea.

All the antiques and art objects that can be found are museum pieces.

Some of the cannons or simply the fact that the Rose Hall was built on a hill reveal that this location was not only selected for its beautiful landscape but also to protect the people against pirates.

On a tour through the Rose Hall you will learn about the legend of the “White Witch of Rose Hall” Annie Palmer who lived at the beginning of the 19th century.

It is said that she killed all of her three husbands and numerous lovers before she was strangled by her last lover.




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