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Guatemala is very famous among lovers of adventure and culture in Central America. You will seldom find such an impressive flora and fauna, coupled with ruins of ancient epochs, at any other places of the world. Whether on a boat through the Dulce River or by foot, here in Guatemala you can explore 19 different ecosystems, 33 volcanoes, several cultural sites of the Maya, the rainforest, little colonial towns as well as beautiful coasts of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. This little country was once the heartland of the Maya civilization and attracts increasingly more tourists from all over the world today. Why? Because Guatemala offers everything one is looking for; it is not without reason that this country is considered one of the most interesting countries in the world. You can trace back the Mayan culture up to the Spanish colonization and explore Antigua Guatemala, the Tikal National Park or the Maya ruins of Quiriguá which are surrounded by a beautiful landscape. They are also mostly part of one of the many national parks that have been declared UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage and offer numerous volcanoes, wonderful lakes and lagoons, Caribbean coastal regions and a great number of animal species like jaguars, wild boars, parrots, monkeys and crocodiles.

In the following, information on some of the most famous and beautiful attractions is provided.


1. Tikal National Park and the Maya Ruins


If you are a nature lover or interested in archeological sites, the Tikal National Park is a must-see. It has been declared UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage and the ancient town Tikal situated within the park is among the most explored. In 1 BC already, this place was home to the first people and one of the most significant beyond the region up to the 10th century before it was ultimately abandoned. Today, it is still unknown why the Maya left this place, just like their decline also remains disputed. We recommend you to visit this place early in the morning as you will get a beautiful view from one of the pyramids where you can observe the sun rise over six temple-pyramids, nine twin pyramids as well as temples, coffins, steles and ball game places in the Petén rainforest.


2. Izabal


In the region of Izabal, there is no chance of boredom as it offers countless things to discover. You can go on a boat tour through the Dulce River where you will be fascinated by the many different animal and plant species passing by, including hundreds of birds accompanying you and making your tour a paradise. You can also experience the true Caribbean feeling through the fresh ocean breeze and get carried away by the inhabitants’ joie de vivre while listening to street music. Whether on a boat, by foot, or even while relaxing at the hotel after a long day, you can still observe numerous lagoons, lakes, waterfalls, rivers and coasts – it is impossible to escape this wonderful nature in the jungle.


3. Antigua


The little town of Antigua is among the best preserved colonial towns in the world. You can stroll across the cobbled streets and get carried away by the charm of this ancient town. You will soon recognize the influence of monastic orders of which a total of 30 existed during the heyday of the Spaniards. You can trace them back in the numerous little monasteries, churches and arches, and visit the impressive San Francisco Cathedral which extends over a large area, or take a break in the Central Park. The town of Antigua offers a pleasant climate and numerous attractions, e.g. the Plaza Mayor and its tremendous archways and palaces. Besides the many administration buildings you will encounter a great number of museums, cafés and souvenir shops. Also, you should definitely not miss out on a visit of the La Merced Church of the 16th century as well as of the many monasteries in and around Antigua. Some of them were unfortunately destroyed during the earthquake in 1773.

We recommend you to explore the regions around Antigua, e.g. Pacaya, which is among the few active volcanoes in the world that can be ascended. The crater is frequently shrouded in mist.


4. Chichicastenango


This little town is located about 145 km away from the capital on a height of 2.080m. Chichicastenango is a town full of magic and myths. You can be part of the native people’s lives and observe their rituals and practices of their religion, which is a mixture of Catholicism and Mayan religion, in a plain but beautiful church. In this town, you will encounter the largest outdoor market in Central America which opens every Thursday and Sunday. It offers a great number of woven fabrics, leather and textiles with the patterns typical and famous for Guatemala and warm colors, wooden masks, and other handcrafts as well as every day consumer goods. This colorful market extending over numerous alleys is a true Latin American experience and a must-see for every tourist.


5. Lake Atitlán


This lake, which Alexander von Humboldt once called “the most beautiful lake in the world”, is encountered in the west of Guatemala at an height of 1500m. It is located in a crater which was formed by the explosion of a former volcano.

The Lake Atitlán is surrounded by three volcanoes - Tolimán, Atitlán and San Pedro – and offers a breathtaking scenery and panorama view.



The presidential Republic of Guatemala is the center of the Americas. It is located in Central America on the Yucatán Peninsula with Caribbean beaches in the east and the Pacific coast in the west. Guatemala borders Mexico, Belize in the east, Honduras in the southeast and El Salvador in the south.



Guatemala City with a population of about 4 million


National language:

Spanish (65%), various Mayan languages


Important cities:

Mixco, Chinautla, Villa Nueva, Cobán, Amatitlán, Antigua



The climate in Guatemala is tropical with a rainy season from May to October. It is warm on the coast throughout the year while the temperatures at higher altitudes are spring-like. The best travel period is during the dry season from October to May. By that time, the climate is pleasantly warm even at higher altitudes.


Entry requirements for German citizens:

German citizens do not require a visa for stays up to 90 days.

It is important that your passport is valid. Please make sure that you receive an entry permit in form of a stamp in your passport.



Compulsory vaccinations: none

Recommended vaccinations: standard vaccinations and hepatitis A

Malaria: There is a moderate risk of an infection in rural regions. Protective measures are recommended (mosquito net, skin-covering clothes, mosquito repellents).


IT’S YOUR TRIP does not assume any liability for the up-to-dateness and completeness of the climate information, as well as the health and entry requirements stated above.

Final binding information about entry requirements can only be obtained at the embassies and consulates of the respective countries, just as any information about health requirements can be obtained at the local public health departments. Related links can be found under Useful Wepages at this page.





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