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The Republic of Costa Rica, bordering Nicaragua in the north and Panama in the south, is one of the smaller countries of Central America due to its area of 50.000km² and its population of about four million. However, Costa Rica is considered a tropical paradise with an incredibly rich flora and fauna. There are not many countries in the world where such a large variety of species can be encountered within such a narrow area.


It is especially remarkable that Costa Ricans are committed to the protection and preservation of their treasures: about a quarter of the country has been declared as national parks by now that are to be protected.


Costa Rica is home to 1000 different kinds of birds, hundred kinds of mammals and all imaginable kinds of reptiles. The diversity of orchids is very impressive. The country is a paradise for nature lovers, ornithologists and butterfly lovers.


Costa Ricans are friendly and open-hearted, also towards tourists. Their warmth is so overwhelming that it greatly affects the tourists’ moods.

People of Indian, European, African or Asian origin live peacefully together enriching the culture of this beautiful country.


1. San José


The capital of Costa Rica is San José. It is also the largest city of the country with a population of nearly 340.000. Located in the inland on a high plateau, San José offers its visitors a great deal of attractions and is at the same time the traffic junction for journeys to all regions of the country. Interesting attractions are:

• Teatro Nacional

This neoclassical theater constructed in the style of the Paris Opera in 1897 is among the most beautiful buildings of the country where you should stop by the stylish café for a break from your sightseeing trip.

• The cemetery Cementerio Obreros/San José

Impressive mausoleums and graves decorated with angels, cherubs, ornaments and sculptures form the last resting place for famous Costa Ricans’ mortal remains.

• Catedral Metropolitano/San José

The cathedral, where a beautifully decorated altarpiece can be admired, was built on the ruins of an old church destroyed by an earthquake. It was constructed in 1871 in the Greek Orthodox style with a blue dome.


2. Natural parks


• Arenal National Park

This national park extends over 52km² covering the region around the Lake Arenal and the Arenal Volcano which is still active - with a little bit of luck you will be able to observe a minor volcanic eruption.

In this national park, which is considered a protection zone, an endless number of different kinds of animals and plants can be encountered.

• Cahuita National Park

The Cahuita National Park comprises an area of 1.100ha (11km²) and swamp, humid and mangrove forests where numerous tropical birds live.

In this park you will find toucans, green parrots as well as a great number of hummingbirds which you will hear chirping in the morning, joined by the howling of the monkeys.

• Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve „green trails“

The forest in Monteverde is dense and its tropical flora and fauna are quite special. Due to the frequent rainfalls (about 3.000mm/a), you will also see lots of rivers and brooks. The extremely high humidity level is responsible for the existence of about 2.500 species of plant like orchids, species of bamboo and ficus, bromeliads and many other exotic plants.

• Rincón de la Vieja National Park

The national park, comprising an area of 140km², extends over the slopes of the volcanoes Santa Maria and Rincón de la Vieja and the so called “Cordillera de Guanacaste”. The dormant volcano Rincón de la Vieja has a height of 1.896m whereas the Santa Maria Volcano is 1.672m high and has been inactive for a long time.


3. Sports facilities and recreation in Costa Rica


Costa Rica offers a variety of opportunities. Due to the protection and preservation of nature, you will not find any raked, white sandy beaches but rather fascinating beaches in their natural condition that have their very own charm. Lots of water sports like swimming can be practiced at the Caribbean as well as at the Pacific. Surfing is possible almost everywhere due to the constantly warm temperature of the sea.

You can also spend your time deep-sea fishing, horseback riding, sailing, tennis and golf.

Hiking and mountain hiking are especially delightful.

The different mountains and volcanoes invite you to an exciting exploring trip, as well as the savannas in the northwest, the cloud forests in Monteverde and all the national parks mentioned above.


General information on Costa Rica

Here you will find an overview of the most important facts about your destination countries. More information, e.g. on important attractions and important links can be found under Information about countries.



The weather is hot and humid below 600m, and subtropical in the highlands of the countryside (between 800 and 160m above the sea level) with pleasant temperatures. It is rather chilly in the high mountains 1600m over the sea level. While the average temperature is 23°C in the central region it is much warmer in coastal areas. The rainy season is from May to November and heavy rain showers in the afternoons are not uncommon. There is also high humidity during the dry season.

Generally there are hardly any differences in the temperature between summer and winter.


Entry requirements for German citizens:

Germans do not need to apply for a visa for stays up to 90 days. They will require a passport valid for a minimum period of six months, a return ticket and sufficient finances.



No vaccinations are required for EU citizens.

Travelers coming from infection zones will need a vaccination against yellow fever.

Recommended vaccinations: hepatitis A, typhoid.


Level of risk depends on the region. We recommend that you take medication for prevention as well as for treatment of malaria CT with you. There is no risk of infection in the capital San José. There is a moderate level of risk in rural areas and in the provinces Puntarenas and Limon throughout the year.

Malaria is transmitted by a mosquito bite, mostly in the period between dusk and sunrise.


IT’S YOUR TRIP does not assume any liability for the up-to-dateness and completeness of the climate information, as well as the health and entry requirements stated above.

Final binding information about entry requirements can only be obtained at the embassies and consulates of the respective countries, just as any information about health requirements can be obtained at the local public health departments. Related links can be found under Useful Wepages at this page.


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