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Looking at the shape of Chile on the map, already gives you a slight idea of how diverse its tourist features can be for everyone. Chile’s longitude measures 4.300 km from north to south but the country reaches a maximum of only 400 km from west to east in its widest point. The borders of the country are defined by the Pacific Ocean on the left side and the Andes on the right. Due to the unique shape of Chile, the country offers a diversity of attractions like the driest desert in the world in the north and Patagonia with beautiful volcanoes and lakes in the south. Around the area of the capital (Santiago) placed in the centre of Chile, you will find one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world. Furthermore, Chile is known for tourist highlights like the Easter Islands, called Rapa Nui by the locals and Puerto Natales, a starting point for an adventure trip to Antarctica. Besides its unique culture and legendary sights Chile is definitely worth a trip.


1. The Atacama Desert

A must see in the north of Chile is the driest desert on earth, which is about 15 million years old. Choosing San Pedro de Atacama as the starting point for your trip provides the chance to be captured by the bizarre beauty of this place and experience natural wonders you would never expect to see in the desert. Geysers that shoot boiling hot water into the air and flamingos, which swagger through the salt lagoon Chaxa are some of the main must sees in the desert. The bizarre salt formations in the Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna) are the main characteristics about the place, and certainly not to forget the beautiful sunset and the impressive view to the stars by night.


2. National park Torres del Paine

The National Park Torres del Paine is protected by the UNESCO and is one of the most unspoiled mountain regions in the world. The name of the Torres del Paine Park results from the three Granite Mountains stretching up to 2800 m in a needle-like shape. Only 130 km from the southern end of the continent the park stretches on an area of 2400 km2. The park makes part of the Andes and offers visitors impressive natural highlights with mountains reaching 300m in height, glaciers, crystal clear lakes and fjords. The flora and fauna of the park is manifold, it alternates between glaciated areas, tundra, mountain ranges and large forest areas.


3. Santiago

Santiago de Chile is the capital of Chile and makes the political and cultural centre of the country. This results also due to the fact that almost 40% of all Chileans live in the area around the city in a valley, surrounded by small mountains. Santiago has been founded in 1541 by its conquistador Pedro de Valdivia. In order to explore Santiago the Plaza de Armas is a great starting point as this has always been the centre of the city. Besides the Mercado Central, the central market of Santiago, the city offers several museums and parks to experience the atmosphere of the capital. For those who wish to enjoy an excellent view over the capital the Cerro Santa Lucía is the place to visit and see of how the city lies in the valley surrounded by the mountains. At nighttimes the city assures a variety of different bars and restaurants. Chiles capital is a great place to experience the hospitality of the locals; the vineyards and coastal cities should definitely make a part of your day trips.


4. Easter Island

The Easter Island known as Isla de Pascua and called Rapa Nui by the locals, is an island with a distance of 3.800 km from Chiles mainland and protected by the UNESCO. The island is certainly not only known for the short size of only 164 km2 and a population of 4.000 locals but also for its mystical culture. Moai is the name for the weird looking figures of 10 meters in height, characterised by their large noses and ears. Up to 1.000 pieces of the figures have apparently made part of the island once, which also contributes to the mysteries secret and history of the island. It is however a fact that the ancient inhabitants of the Easter Island have not been able to keep house of their resources. This has lead to the cut down of the forests, the end of fishing and the civilization on the island. The island is a recommended must see for every tourist, also due to the possibility for whale-watching trips.


5. Lauca National Park - Altiplano

The Lauca National Park Altiplano is located in the very north of Chile where the triangle of Peru, Bolivia and Chile is situated. The park is located on an altitude of 4.000 – 6.000 meters and is therefore one of the highest national parks in the world. Mountains and volcanoes reaching up to a height of 6.300 meters and lakes like the Chungará lake, situated at 4.500 meters altitude make the park unique and worth to experience. The exceptional fauna of the national park holds a crystal clear sky and impressively clean air. Common and favourite photo motives are animals like alpacas, vicunas, pumas and flamingos.





The republic of Chile is located in the west of South America and stretches around 4.000 km while just being 180 km wide in the mean. Neighboring countries are Peru in the north and Bolivia and Argentina in the east.



Santiago de Chile with a population of 5,5 million inhabitants


National Language



Important Cities of Chile

Valparaiso, Concecio Temuco, Rancagua and Iquique



Due to its length along more than 39 latitudes, Chile offers a wide variety of climate zones and regions of different heights. In the high mountains of the Andes the temperatures are cold, in the Atacama desert extremely hot and dry while the conditions in the middle of the country are moderate.


Entry requirements for German citizens:

German citizens do not require a visa for stays up to 90 days as tourists. The passport must be valid for a minimum period of 6 months when entering.



Compulsory vaccinations: None

Recommended vaccinations: standard vaccinations and hepatitis A and when traveling individually typhus

Malaria: Chile is free of malaria.


IT’S YOUR TRIP does not assume any liability for the up-to-dateness and completeness of the climate information, as well as the health and entry requirements stated above.

Final binding information about entry requirements can only be obtained at the embassies and consulates of the respective countries, just as any information about health requirements can be obtained at the local public health departments.

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